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Image Card

Once the WPMozo Addons plugin is activated, it adds several widgets to the Elementor builder. To insert the Image Card widget, follow these steps.

  1. Create/edit a page/post that uses Elementor builder.
  2. Create/edit container.
  3. Search widget Image Card under WPMozo.


Choose Image: This setting allows you to upload or select an image from your media library to be displayed on the image card.

Image Resolution: Here, you can specify the resolution type for the image. You have the following options:

  • Thumbnail: A small-sized image typically used for thumbnails.
  • Medium: A medium-sized image suitable for general use.
  • Medium Large: A slightly larger version of the medium-sized image.
  • Large: A larger version of the image suitable for featured images or headers.
  • WooCommerce Thumbnail: An image size specifically tailored for WooCommerce product thumbnails.
  • Single: The original image size.
  • Gallery Thumbnail: An image size suitable for use in galleries.
  • Full: The full-size original image.
  • Custom: Allows you to set a custom size for the image.


  • Title: This field is for adding the title of the image card.
  • Content: Here, you can input the content or description associated with the image card.


  • You can upload the icon from the library or upload an SVG file.


  • Button Title: Enter the text for the button.
  • Button URL: Provide the URL where the button should redirect.
  • Button Icon: Upload an icon for the button or choose from the library.
  • Icon Position: Select the position of the button icon, either left or right.
  • Show Icon on Hover: Toggle to enable/disable the button icon visibility on hover.