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Fancy Text

Once the WPMozo Addons plugin is activated, it adds several widgets to the Elementor builder. To insert the Fancy Text widget, follow these steps.

  1. Create/edit a page/post that uses Elementor builder.
  2. Create/edit container.
  3. Search widget Fancy Text under WPMozo.

Fancy Text Content

Fancy Text Content

  • Text Style: Choose between two options: Gradient and Background Clipping.
  • Fancy Text: Enter the desired text to display.

Fancy Text Styling

If you have chosen the text style “Background Clipping,” you will have the following options

  • Background Clip Image: Choose an image to clip as the background.
  • Background Size: Set the size of the background image.
  • Position: Define the position of the background image.
  • Repeat: Choose whether the background image should repeat or not.
  • Background Color Overlay: Apply a color overlay to the background image.

If you have chosen the text style “Gradient,” you will get the following options:

  • Color: Choose the primary color for the gradient.
  • Second Color: Select the secondary color for the gradient.
  • Location: Define the location of the gradient.
  • Type: Choose between linear or radial gradient.
  • Angle: Set the angle for the gradient direction.

Fancy Text Typography

Here, you can customize the typography and text shadow options for the fancy text.